Well Hello All and Hello OCTOBER

HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO!! I am here and alive! I haven’t posted anything in a LONG LONG LONG time! I don’t have any excuses besides I just didn’t have time to write on here. I don’t know if anyone even reads this but is more just for me to keep a journal so that I can show my little guy when he gets older. So I am not going to guarantee that I will post everyday but I am going to try to be better about posting things on here. With that said I am also going to catch up on some older events!

ANYWHO!! Can you believe it is October already! I just love this time of year, its Holiday time and I love the Holidays!! Having our Little Guy has made this time of year even more special. I want to do so much to enjoy Holidays that I made a Halloween Bucket List!

Halloween Bucket List 1Here is to enjoying Halloween and “Fall” time in Texas! (There is no fall in Texas… HAHA) Time to get a crackin on my list!

Until next time!



Pinterest Project Tuesdays: Boo’tiful Footprint Ghosts

Happy Tuesday! I know Halloween has padded but I wanted to share the fun craft I made with Colton. This was super easy, super fast, super cute and super quick. This weeks project is Boo’tiful Footprint Ghosts.

IMG_4537I remember pinning this awhile back and I knew I had to do this with Colton to have a craft to remember how tiny he was and his first Halloween. Here is the pin that inspired me.

photoThe pin takes you to Hand and Footprint Art blog. It’s a great website for all ideas for hand and footprint crafts!! Here Boo’tiful Footprint Ghosts were glow-in-the-dark and she used paint for the words. Mine was a bit different.

Here is what I did.

What you will need:

  • 8 x 10 piece of Black Cardstock, I used Glitter Cardstock
  • Orange Stickers
  • White Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Foam Paint Brushes
  • Paper plate
  • Adorable Assistant

IMG_4097The first thing you do is get your white paint and paint the bottom of the babies feet.

IMG_4100 IMG_4101Then press each foot onto the cardstock. You put the feet so that the toes are on the bottom. I put one foot in he upper right hand corner and the other on the bottom left corner.

IMG_4102Then clean off those feet!

IMG_4105Then with the black paint, paint on the ghosts eyes.

IMG_4106 IMG_4108 IMG_4111While that is drying a little, have some fun with your assistant!

IMG_4107Once dried, using the orange stickers, spell out Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet

IMG_4112 IMG_4117and Done!! Look how proud he is of his art!!

IMG_4114I put mine in a frame to display. I just love looking at it and am bummed to put it away with the other Halloween decorations.

IMG_4539 IMG_4544I can’t wait until next year to do more art projects!!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Fun Finds at Target:: Halloween Edition

Who doesn’t love going to Target? I mean you’re not cool if you don’t shop a Target! Target is my go to place for, well, everything! They have everything you need from food to decorations, clothes to toys, and so much more.

Well with Halloween approaching, you best believe I went to my store to pick up somethings and to see what was new this year. Look at all the fun stuff I found this year!! SOrry for the poor quality phone pictures!


Aren’t these Mini Peeps adorable!!! Brent loves Peeps so you know I have to pick up some of these! IMG_7548 IMG_7550 IMG_7551

Can’t wait to bake with these!!IMG_7553 IMG_7552 IMG_7554 IMG_7556

Must have Reese’s Pumpkins! IMG_7555 IMG_7557 IMG_7558 IMG_7549 IMG_7562 IMG_7563 IMG_7564 IMG_7546 IMG_7565 IMG_7559

OMG! I love that Owl, they were sold out…IMG_7560 IMG_7561

There was sooo much more that I didn’t take a picture of. Here are some things I bought; I got some decorations as well but put them out before I took a picture.


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple


Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Halloween Chevron Bat Wreath

I love decorating for holidays and I was all about Halloween this year since this is Colton’s first big holiday and plus I had a lot more time to decorate since I am home!! I loved the wreath I made last year, My Boo Wreath, but it only lasted for October 2012. The black burlap really faded so I had to throw it away even though I loved it.

IMG_3970So when I started decorating this year, I knew I had to make a new Halloween Wreath. I turned to Pinterest and found tons of ideas. It was hard to choice the one I was going to make this year but I was really drawn to the Halloween Chevron Bat Wreath, which is this weeks project! Here is the pin that inspired me.

photo-21This pin takes you to Tater Tots and Jello, which is a great blog with tons of DIY crafts and decorating ideas. I love looking at this website. I pretty much followed what she did to make my wreath. I however, do not use a cutting machine, I used a punch to make my bats.

Here is what I did.

What you will need:

  • Foam Wreath
  • Orange Chevron (I got a yard and had some left over)
  • Black Chevron
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Glitter Cardstock
  • Bat Punch
  • Black Bakers Twine

IMG_3909The first thing you do is cut your orange chevron into 3 inch strips.

IMG_3918 IMG_3920 IMG_3921Then you are going to start covering your wreath. Hot glue and end down and start wrapping until covered.

IMG_3924 IMG_3926 IMG_3928 IMG_3927 IMG_3931Then punch out your bats, I used glitter paper because it was easier than cutting out the bats on black paper and then adding glitter.

IMG_3933 IMG_3935 IMG_3938 Then wrap the wreath with the bakers twine. Make sure you pull it very tight and hot glue it down.

IMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3943Then hot glue your bats on.

IMG_3946 IMG_3948 IMG_3950 IMG_3954Finally add your hanger using the black chevron.

IMG_3956Hang on your door and stand back to enjoy your work!!

IMG_3960 IMG_3965 IMG_3967I loved how it turned out!! It was super easy to make and makes me happy when I see my porch!!

I hope you give it a try and spruce up your porch with a touch of Halloween!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Ghost Lollipops

Can you believe Halloween is tomorrow?? This year has gone by so fast! I remember pinning this a long time ago and I knew it was the perfect thing to make to hand out at work!!

Here is the pin that inspired me. The pin takes you to a blog called One Charming Party. It is a super cute blog with lots of different crafts with tutorials. I just loved her Ghost Lollipops and I have been looking forward to making these for some time. I changed it up just a little bit to make it easier for me but I think both are super cute!

Here is what I did!

What you will need:

  • Tootsie Rolls Pops
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • White Fabric (I used fabric that was what you would use for sheet; I got 3 yards)
  • Orange and Black Ribbon

First thing I did was cut the white fabric into 6×6 squares. She cut the edges in a scallop type edge but I kept mine the rough edge, I thought it looked more ghost like.

Then I took the lollipop and wrapped the fabric around it.

Alternating with the orange and black ribbon, tie around the neck of the lollipop, securing the fabric to the lollipop.

Then take the sharpie and draw two ghost eyes.

Then your done!! So simple, so cute and a perfect Halloween treat! I can’t wait to pass these out tomorrow.

With 3 yards of fabric, I was able to make 60 lollipops while still having fabric left over.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween and give this a fun treat a try!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs.Ripple

Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Wood Pumpkins

After the drama filled Tuesday with Simba, I was able to finally finish my project for this week! I pinned these a while back and I couldn’t wait to make them. They came out so good and I am going to be so bummed when I have to put them away.

Here is the pin that inspired my project this week. The pin takes you to a wonderful blog called The Happy Scraps. This is also the same pin that I found the idea for the Countdown to Candy Calendar ! Which turned out better than I could hope!

I did my pumpkins a little different than hers but I think both our great! So here is what I did to make my pumpkins!

Here is what you will need:

  • Orange and Brown Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Green Tulle
  • Sandpaper
  • 3 Wood Pieces

The first thing you want to do is get your wood. I went to Home Depot and purchased a piece of 2x8x10 wood and had them cut it down into different lengths. It was enough wood for 2 sets of 3 pumpkins. I also picked up a piece of scrap-wood for the steams. It was 89 cents!! The first step is to sand down the sides and make it smooth. I sanded down the corners as well so it wasn’t so sharp.

Then your off to spray paint! Make sure you cover everything with an even coat of spray paint. Also, spray paint the stems brown. Let dry completely!

Once dry, you want to Hot Glue the stems down.

Then I took green tulle and wrapped it around the base of the stem to mimic the leaves.

Then your done!!! How easy right? They are super cute and can be used for Halloween and Fall time!

I hope you give it a try and let me know how it turns out!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple