Donuts, Cider, Bronners, Oh My!!

In just a couple of hours Brent and I will be in Michigan!! I am so excited to do all my favorite things and enjoy my favorite time of year!! As well as see my family!


What a great day to go too with the Detroit Tigers sweeping the NY Yankees to head to the World Series!! Way to go Boys!!


I can’t wait share all the fun with you!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

What Happens in Vegas…

Obviously is not staying in Vegas! HA Brent and I had a GREAT time on our trip to Vegas! Even with Brent having 3 days at a work conference, we still did tons of stuff! It was wonderful to just get away the two of us and spend some time together. Not going to lie though, 5 days in Vegas is just toooo long.

We got there early on Saturday so we had all day to go explore the strip. Las Vegas BLVD is so neat to walk! The amount of things to look at is overwhelming! The people and the sights just grab your attention.

We were staying at the Aria, which is one of the new hotels. It was so pretty and the people there were so friendly and helpful. I would stay there again for sure.

When we walked into the room it was crazy! The curtains opened automatically and all the lights and TV turned on with our name on it. Brent and I stopped and both asked, “did you do that?” HAHA

We quickly found Brent’s favorite restaurant! It was Todd English Pub. The food was amazing and Brent was in heaven because they had one of his favorite beers, Dead Guy Ale, on tap. We went there everyday! HA They had 2 happy hours a day and tons of food and drinks to choose. We snacked on the Mini Corn Dogs, Fries, Wings, Oysters (well Brent did) and the Mac and Cheese which was AMAZING!

The first night we went and saw Peepshow with Holly Madison which is held at Planet Hollywood. The show was good but we hoped it would be better. Holly is only in the show for like 5 mins and says like 4 lines but whatever! ūüôā

The next day we just walked the strip and boy was it hot! I thought Houston was hot but it is nice to have some humidity. Never thought I would say that. We even went to the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel. It was a little scary in the elevator but once you got up there it was a great view. We even got to watch the Bellagio Water show from the top!


This was when I discovered my favorite place in Vegas! Sugar Factory! It was awesome! The first time I went to Vegas in 2009, Sugar Factory was just a candy store in the Mirage. NOW they have 4 stores, a restaurant and Chocolate Bar. The restaurant was awesome, it is located at the Paris Hotel!! I ate there everyday for lunch on the days I was by myself. I had an amazing cocktail called the Swedish Fish, it tasted just like the candy! I miss that place already!

That evening we went to Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant in the Paris Hotel called Steak. Brent was in heaven, he loves Gordon Ramsay and couldn’t wait to order scallops. We sit down and get the menu but there were no scallops. Brent was so disappointed but he quickly cheered up when they wheeled around the Trolley¬†of Meat. I thought it was disgusting, Brent thought it was the best thing he has ever seen. Brent ordered the American Kobe Rib Cap and I had the American Kobe Skirt and we each had a baked potato and shared the Mac and Cheese. The meal was fantastic except for the peas that were in the Mac and Cheese! We are¬†looking forward to the next time we go!

The rest of the trip Brent had a work conference during the day time so I was on my own. I did lots of exploring!! I went to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the Kardashian Store, the Titanic exhibit and of course I had homework to do too…


One of the nights after Brent’s conference, we went a saw the show Zumanity at the New York, New York hotel. Lets just say it was a weird show but you had to watch! HA

Of course I can not forget that it was my Birthday while we were there too! Brent had a conference during that day but that night he took me to see Celine Dion at Caesars Palace. It was AWESOME! She is an amazing singer and of course the best part to me was when she sang My Heart Will Go On! HA

Brent also surprised me and took me to Louis Vuitton and got me a little something for my big 2-7 bday!

It was a great trip and we are already planning on what we want to do the next time we go back!

Until Next Time!


Jessica, AKA Mrs. Ripple

Floatin’ Away

We had a great time this weekend at out Annual River Trip! It’s always a blast spending time with friends! This year was far better for me since I did not fall in and there was no snakes! SCORE! It was nice to get away from all the unpacking and relax for a couple of days.

We switched it up a bit this year and went to the Gristmill on Friday rather than Saturday. The atmosphere, the company and the food was fantastic. It was a great way to start the weekend!

Originally, I was not supposed to float but when I saw everyone else getting ready to go I started to feel jealous.  So of course I had to change my mind and ended up going. As many know, I am not a huge fan of floating but I found a way that makes it awesome and that is renting a raft rather than a tube! I was hardly in the water and it was great! HA

When we got back from floating we all relaxed and BBQ. My friend Stephanie and I noticed that we were wearing the exact same outfit! Down to the purse, it was so funny!

OH! I was in charge of desserts and I was so excited to make these cupcakes I saw on Pinterest! They came out great and were so cute! I also made S’more Cookies, Lemon Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

It was a great time and I am looking forward to renting the raft again next year!

Until next time!


Jessica, AKA Mrs. Ripple

On the Fly in July

July is going to be a crazy month for us! We have so much going on that I have to put it all in a list!

1) We are moving into our new house! We are SO excited to move and we cannot wait for all the space. We are defiantly cramped in the townhouse with Brent, me, Simba, Tinkerbell, Ali and Bella! Pictures to come once we move!

2) We have our Annual Rivertrip ! We will be heading towards San Antonio to a town called New Braunfels. It’s a great weekend hanging out with friends and enjoying time away from Houston!

3) After the rivertrip we are off to VEGAS! We got lots planned for a trip! We are seeing a couple of shows and trying new restaurants! It’s going to be a blast!

4) Finally! It is my Birthday!! We will be in Vegas on my actual birthday this year but I can’t wait to celebrate it when we get home with friends and family!

Till next time!


Jessica, AKA Mrs. Ripple