Well Hello All and Hello OCTOBER

HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO!! I am here and alive! I haven’t posted anything in a LONG LONG LONG time! I don’t have any excuses besides I just didn’t have time to write on here. I don’t know if anyone even reads this but is more just for me to keep a journal so that I can show my little guy when he gets older. So I am not going to guarantee that I will post everyday but I am going to try to be better about posting things on here. With that said I am also going to catch up on some older events!

ANYWHO!! Can you believe it is October already! I just love this time of year, its Holiday time and I love the Holidays!! Having our Little Guy has made this time of year even more special. I want to do so much to enjoy Holidays that I made a Halloween Bucket List!

Halloween Bucket List 1Here is to enjoying Halloween and “Fall” time in Texas! (There is no fall in Texas… HAHA) Time to get a crackin on my list!

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