Pinterest Project Tuesdays: Christmas Decorations

I am officially obsessed with Christmas! I mean I have always loved Christmas but there is just something about this year. Maybe it is because Colton is here and it is his first Christmas. Who knows but I am embracing my love for the holidays and making some decorations for the home! This week I have three projects for you! Lets start with the first one; a Snowflake Foam Table Runner.

IMG_5323This was SOOOOO easy to make and so cheap. It cost $2.00, I mean could it get any cheaper? I think not. I had some old table decorations but they were pretty outdated and it was time to replace them. I didn’t really want to spend $20.00 on a new table runner so I saw this pin and I knew that I could make it. Here is the pin that inspired me.

photo 1The pin takes you to The Bombshell Bling. Which is a cute blog that has tons of tutorials, recipes and more! definitely go take a look at Sarah’s blog! I didn’t follow her tutorial per say I just followed the concept. Here is what I did.

What you will need:

  • Foam Snowflakes (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)
  • Hot Glue

IMG_5298First thing you do is arrange the snowflakes in the way that you want. I staggered mine.

IMG_5319Then hot glue them to each other.

IMG_5300 IMG_5309IMG_5302BOOM! DONE!

IMG_5306 IMG_5322How easy right? I mean $2.00 and done it under 2 minutes! I love it!

IMG_5481The next project is a Jingle Bells Glass Block. I actually made two of these; I kept one for myself and gave the other away as a gift. Here is the pin that inspired me.

photo 2I didn’t click on the pin, I more just went with the idea of it. Here is what I did.

What you will need:

  • Large Glass Block
  • Small Red Jingle Bells
  • Large Silver Jingle Bells
  • Red Letter Stickers
  • Santa Sticker
  • Snowflake Stickers
  • Red and White Bow

IMG_5458The first thing you do it stick on the words Jingle Bells. I love love love these letter stickers I got from Hobby Lobby, the just look like Christmas to me. Also, add your Santa Sticker and the Snowflakes.

IMG_5462 IMG_5467Next add in the Silver and Red Jingle Bells. I used the entire case of Silver Bells but only some of the Red Bells. I mixed them around so that they were well mixed together.

IMG_5469 IMG_5470IMG_5471Then add the top on the block and add your bow. I used two different bows because I couldn’t choose which one I liked best.


IMG_5566Super easy right. You can do this so many different ways. You can add lights in the box, or do something for a different holiday. I have seen a ton of different ideas on Pinterest.

IMG_5550The last project is a Christmas Card Holder. I never had a place to put the cards that we receive so I wanted to make something that would hold them so they weren’t just stacked in a pile. Here is the pin that inspired me.

photo 3The pin takes you to U Create Crafts. Which is a website that has TONS of crafts, recipes, kids crafts and so much more! Go take a look for sure! I pretty much followed what they did, except changed the frame a bit. Here is what I did.

What you will need:

  • Wood Frame
  • 6 Different types of Ribbon
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors

IMG_5534First thing you do, is lay out your ribbon to get an idea of how you want to place it.

IMG_5537Then staple the ribbon on to the frame and cut off any excess. Make sure you pull it tight when you staple it down so that it can hold the weight of the cards and keep its shape. I weaved mine in different patterns.

IMG_5538 IMG_5539 IMG_5540 IMG_5542 IMG_5544Lastly, hang it where you want it displayed and your DONE!! I added some left over tulle pieces from my Turkey Wreath like she did. I used tiny clothespins to hold the cards in place.

IMG_5545 IMG_5549 IMG_5546 IMG_5556Super cute right???

IMG_5557I love how all of the projects turned out! I hope you give them a try!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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