Jewelry That Tells a Story + Giveaway

Most of the time jewelry is just jewelry. A ring, is a ring, is a ring; a necklace, is a necklace, is another necklace but what if you could make a regular necklace more? Enter a Living Locket by Origami Owl.

I knew as soon as I heard about Living Lockets, I had to get one!

So you might be wondering, what is a “Living Locket“?

IMG_4961Living Lockets tell a story, your story. You build your locket by picking out charms that mean something to you. Next, you choose your locket of choice and chain. Finally, you can pick out metal plates or dangles to add more personality to your necklace.

IMG_4964When I first started designing my locket, it was completely different then what I ended up getting. I was originally going to get a gold necklace, with completely different charms. Then I decided to switch it up and get something that represented my new role as a mom and my little man.

IMG_4972So what does my Living Locket mean to me?

  • The silver “C” charm stands for Colton
  • The Heart Gemstone, is the birthstone for June, Colton’s birth month
  • The love charm represents obviously the love I have for my little guy
  • The Mom charm represents me as Colton’s mom and my favorite title
  • and finally, the Blue Feet charm represents the fact that I have the perfect little baby boy in the world!

IMG_4993Putting all this together meant so much to me because it just represents my love for my little Colton. Colton has become my world and I love having something with me at all times that just reminds me of him.

IMG_5002Whats great about Living Lockets is you get to tell your story but you can always change it by switching out the charms. People love to ask what it all means and you get to tell your story all over again.

IMG_5005Jessica Sanchaz with Origami Owl was great at helping me pick out my charms and locket. She even sent pictures so that I could see what it all looked like together! If you are ready to tell your story with a Living Locket or with the Christmas season approaching you can give a loved one a gift, visit Jessica’s website to place your order.

OR…. if you can try to WIN an Origami Owl Living Locket with chain and charms!!  Jessica is graciously giving away one Origami Owl 16″ Ball Station Chain, one Medium Living Locket, and 3 charms of your choice! The giveaway will run from November 21st – 27th. Enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

Good Luck!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for highlighting this business, all opinions are my own.

30 before 30 Update: #12 Pay it Forward

no-act-of-kindness-quoteI’m not sure why I didn’t complete this one sooner but I did this today! I took little man to the doctor today to make sure his ear infection was gone and I decided to run to Chick-fil-a and grab some breakfast. While in the drive-thru line, I saw the car behind me and it was a mom with her children. She looked like she was having a rough morning; I could see her trying to console her baby. So when I got to the window to pay, I paid for the car behind me. I told her to tell the lady in the car behind me “to have a great day”

photoI drove off and I left with a smile on my face! I hope I made that ladies day. I didn’t get to see her reaction and that is okay, it made my day!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs.Rippe

Pinterest Project Tuesdays: Homemade French Bread Pizzas

Another Tuesday is upon us! If it wasn’t for my calendar on my phone, I probably wouldn’t know what day it is. Teething babies are no joke. Little man has regressed in his sleeping at night; instead of sleeping 6-7 hours straight, he is up every  3-4 hours. I am ready for my great sleeper to come back. He is great through the day but nights are getting rough. Momma is TIRED!

IMG_4803ANYWAYS!! As a lover of pizza, I knew as soon as I saw this pin that it was something that I had to make for dinner. I went out that day and bought all the supplies needed. This weeks project is Homemade French Bread Pizzas. It was so easy to make and plus the recipe was from one of my favorite people!!! Here is the pin that inspired me.

photoThe pin takes you to The Pioneer Woman! I just love Ree Drummond; she is one of my favorite people to watch on The Food Network. I miss me some Paula Dean though. Lets not get into that… I pretty much followed exactly what she did except I only made one kind of pizza and she made like 6 different kinds! She has a family of 4 kids so she has alot more mouths to feed. Here is what I did!

What you will need:

  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  • Shredded Parmesan Cheese
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Pepperoni
  • Deli Rolls

IMG_4779The first thing you do is preheat the oven to 375°. Then split the rolls in half and lay them on the baking sheet.

IMG_4781Then spread pizza sauce on each roll.

IMG_4783Then sprinkle on your mozzarella cheese and a little of the parmesan cheese.

IMG_4784Add your pepperoni.

IMG_4787 IMG_4788Put the pizzas in the oven on the bottom shelf for 10 minutes. Remove the pizzas and crank up the oven to 425°. Once heated, return the pizzas to the top shelf until the cheese is bubbly and golden.

IMG_4791 IMG_4793Then enjoy!!!

IMG_4800These are so easy, so quick, and so yummy!! You can do so many different variations, just like she did. I would say these are Husband tested , Mom approved!

IMG_4804Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs.Ripple

Fall Cara Box

Happy Monday!! We had a busy weekend here! Friday we had dinner with friends, Saturday a surprise birthday party for Brent’s Dad and yesterday we had our Christmas mini session with our favorite photographers from DW Photography! I for one CANNOT wait to see how they turn out!

Anyways!! I was super excited to participate in the Cara Box Exchange again! It has changed a little bit; instead of exchanging a box a month it is now every three months. So Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. I really like it this way because we have a lot more time to get to know our partners and to find the perfect gifts to send!! To find out more about Cara Boxes, head over to Wifessionals.

The theme this time was “Fall” in love with the season. We were to get to know what our partners LOVED about Fall! I was paired with two awesome ladies; Jade from Life As I Know It and Julia from The Everyday Momma.

Jade was so sweet and I had such a great time getting to know her! She is a wife to Victor and a momma to a cute baby boy named Carter!! We both love Fall and it was so much fine picking out things to send to her. To see what I sent Jade, head over to her blog!!

IMG_4721Now for my box!! Julia sent me an awesome box filled with tons of fall goodies!!! It was so nice getting to know Julia. She has a super cute 4 month old just a few weeks older than little man!! Head over to her blog and read all about her. Let’s take a look at the fun box she sent me!

IMG_4723I got fall leaf candle holders and fall candles!

IMG_4724Who doesn’t love Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer! Plus they are all fall scents!!

IMG_4725I got some pretty nail polishes!

IMG_4727Julia made this cute jar with candies!! I didn’t even get to an eat a piece before they hubby broke in and ate some!

IMG_4728I told her about my love of Apple Cider and she sent me some!!

IMG_4729and finally this super cute Halloween book for Colton! How cute is this?? You fill in the empty spaces with Cheerios!!

IMG_4730I love all my stuff from Julia and I loved getting the box ready to send to Jade! The best part about Cara Boxes are getting to meet new people!

If you are interested in participating, head over to Wifessionals and sign up for the winter box.

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Pinterest Project Tuesdays: Turkey Wreath

Happy Tuesday!!! Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving already?? This year has really flown by, it feels like I just found out we were pregnant and now we have a 4 month old almost 5 month old!! Time really does fly when you are having fun!!

IMG_4869Anyways! With Thanksgiving around the corner, I had to do a project that went with that theme!! I couldn’t really find a fall/Thanksgiving wreath that I liked, so I knew I had to make one! Which brings me to this weeks project, a Turkey Wreath! I was so excited to make this, that I even stayed up late after the baby went to bed. CRAZY! HA This was my first time working with tulle and it was pretty easy. I would do things a little differently the next time I work with it. Here is the pin that inspired me.

photo-2The pin takes you Baby Rabies, which is a SUPER cute sight! It has tons of crafts, baby stuff and tons more! A total must read! I pretty much followed the tutorial to a T. However, I did my tulle a little different unintentionally.  Here is what I did to make my wreath.

What you will need:

  • Styrofoam Wreath
  • 2 small Styrofoam Balls
  • Small Styrofoam Cone
  • 3 Toothpicks
  • 3 Spools of Tulle (Red, Orange and Yellow)
  • Brown Yarn
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Yellow and Black Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sheet of Red Craft Foam

IMG_4756The first thing you do is paint the cone yellow for the beak and with the two balls paint on the pupils with the black paint.  I used an extra cone to paint the pupils. Set that aside to dry.

IMG_4761 IMG_4774While that is drying, you can wrap 1/3 of the wreath with the brown yarn. Hot glue an end to the wreath. Then start wrapping; make sure you pull it tight and that there are no white spots. The hot glue the other end when you finish. Trip off the extra.

IMG_4776 IMG_4790 IMG_4806 IMG_4812Now its time to cut the tool. I didn’t have a box liked she used, but I had a sturdy envelope, which worked. Wrap the entire spool of tulle around the envelope. Then cut the tulle down each side. Repeat with the other colors.

IMG_4815 IMG_4816 IMG_4818 IMG_4822Check on your little one. Yep everything seems to be going fine… HA

IMG_4829Once you got all the tulle cut, it is time to start covering the wreath. This is where I did it a little different. I miss interpreted what she said. She said she wrapped 5 pieces of each color. So I thought she took 5 pieces and wrapped it all at once; well I was supposed to do one piece at a time. OOPS! Either way it worked out just fine!! Cover the entire wreath alternating colors.

IMG_4826 IMG_4827 IMG_4831 IMG_4835Then using the toothpicks, add the eyeballs and the beak.

IMG_4840 IMG_4841 IMG_4843 IMG_4845Then take the red foam and cut out the waddle and hot glue it down.

IMG_4836 IMG_4838 IMG_4856AND your done!!! Hang on the door and enjoy! I used some left over brown yarn as a hanger.

IMG_4863 IMG_4865I just love the way it turned out! The only I would change is how I tied the tulle on.

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

4 Month Essentials

Little Man is really starting to play with things and they all go straight to his mouth! Teething has definitely began!! Colton still uses alot of the other months essentials but we introduced a few things this month that he loved and have been great for us as well!! Here are my 4 Month Essentials!

4 Month Essentials

Boogie Wipes Great Grape Gentle Saline – These things are great!! Sometime the little ball sucker doesn’t get the nose completely clear and these just pull out the boogies! Total must have for us; I have a pack in his diaper bag, his changing table in his room and at his changing table downstairs at our house. I like the grape better, the regular ones just smelled funny.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – Colton loves this thing! He watches all the colors as it plays the music. He is very into anything that plays music right now. This really distracts him when he starts to get fussy or wants out of his carseat if we are at dinner. It ‘s also great because he can hold onto and put in his mouth.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun – OH man has this thing been a lifesaver!! It keeps Colton entertained for at least 30 minutes and allows me to get some stuff done around the house. It plays music, talks, and has tons of stuff to look at. It also has three different stages for growth!! We didn’t really use the first stage but the second stage has been great! Once he is standing we will use that stage too! I don’t think they make this exact one anymore but I have linked it to the new one which is pretty much identical but it looks like it has a different hanging toy.

So’Pure Sophie Giraffe Teething Ring – This in one of Colton’s favorite things! He can grip both handles and put it in his mouth. It is soft but still hard enough for hs sore gums. It is a tad expensive for a teether but he loves his regular Sophie so I thought I would give it a try and he loves it! Worth every penny.

Fisher-Price Waterfall Rainforest Soother – This thing is GREAT!! I can set Colton in his crib and turn this on and he is set to go until it turns off.  I can get some stuff done in his room while he enjoys the music, sounds and peek-a-boo monkey!! They only thing I wish it did was play longer, it ony plays for like 5 minutes. It says it plays 18 minutes of soothing lullabies but I haven’t figured out how to get 18 minutes! HA

Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag – These have been great for nighttime!! We were using their swaddle blankets but Colton started taking the blankets and putting them over hs face. So I switched him out to these and they have been great! Colton sleeps really well in them and they are just enough coverage to keep him warm.

Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier – With all the allergies going on at our house, this has been so helpful with Colton. It helps keep him less stuffy. I remember the humidifier when I was a kid and they were so loud! This is quiet, you don’t even know it is on and it lasts all night on full blast without having to refill the water.

Board Books – Colton Really likes when you read to him!! He loves to look at the pictures and he grabs at the books and loves to listen to read. These are a few of his favorites: Goodnight Moon, Little Blue Truck, and The Very Hungry Catapillar.

Innobaby EZ Grip Massaging Teether – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! We received it in our Citrus Lane box and Colton is obsessed with it!! As soon as he sees it he smiles and grabs for it. It is perfect for teething and it has a little rattle as well. The whole thing is a teether and it is super easy to clean. Total must have for us!

Fisher-Price Go Baby 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail – This is a great toy!! It lights up, sings and plays music! It also has a mirror for Colton to look at himself. It has two different modes; one where it can stay stationary and one where it crawls along when bumped. We have it on the stationary setting. It has really helped getting Colton rolling side to side. He hasn’t shown too much interest in rolling so I am trying to encourage it.

Those are our 4 month must haves and they have been essential for us!! I hope you give them a try and that they work for you little one!!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple