Fun Finds at Target:: Halloween Edition

Who doesn’t love going to Target? I mean you’re not cool if you don’t shop a Target! Target is my go to place for, well, everything! They have everything you need from food to decorations, clothes to toys, and so much more.

Well with Halloween approaching, you best believe I went to my store to pick up somethings and to see what was new this year. Look at all the fun stuff I found this year!! SOrry for the poor quality phone pictures!


Aren’t these Mini Peeps adorable!!! Brent loves Peeps so you know I have to pick up some of these! IMG_7548 IMG_7550 IMG_7551

Can’t wait to bake with these!!IMG_7553 IMG_7552 IMG_7554 IMG_7556

Must have Reese’s Pumpkins! IMG_7555 IMG_7557 IMG_7558 IMG_7549 IMG_7562 IMG_7563 IMG_7564 IMG_7546 IMG_7565 IMG_7559

OMG! I love that Owl, they were sold out…IMG_7560 IMG_7561

There was sooo much more that I didn’t take a picture of. Here are some things I bought; I got some decorations as well but put them out before I took a picture.


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple


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