Ten Things I Love About October

93570b416df35c4b3868275f63677af5Here are 10 Things I Love About October!
IMG_56031) Cooler Weather – After sweating through the wretchedly hot summer, it is nice to go outside and not have to change after only being out there for a few minutes. Its time to put away the shorts, tanks, swim suits and sandals, to bust out scarves, boots, jeans, and sweaters. It’s the only time of year that I like to go outside. HA

IMG_57452) Halloween – I love Halloween. I love decorating my house with pumpkins, bats, skulls and more. I love all the mini candies and different treats that come out. I love picking out our costumes for our friends Halloween party. I love handing out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters and seeing their costumes. I am super excited for this year since this is Colton’s first big holiday! I can’t wait to get him all dressed up!

IMG_55733) Leaves – Oh, the leaves! I loved watching the trees change colors in Michigan; it is just beautiful. The colors are amazing and vibrant. I loved ranking the leaves into a big pile once they fell off the trees and jumping in them! The best!

11729686-large4) ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween – Who doesn’t love this?? Children and adults can watch all different types of movies and shows. Here are just a few from this year : Monsters, inc., Addams Family, Twilight, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode, Teen Witch, and so much more!!

Hocus5) Hocus Pocus – Now this def shows during 13 Nights of Halloween but I feel like this needs a whole separate call out!! This is a October classic and must be watched at least 3 times throughout the month. Everything about this movie screams Halloween. The Sanderson Sisters, Binks, Dani, Allison, Max, the Songs, and dancing what more can you ask for in a movie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6) Apple Orchards – My favorite thing in the world is going to the apple orchards. They are so pretty in the fall with all the colors, they smell great because of all the apples, and they have tons of stuff to do there. OH how I can’t wait to go next week when we are in Michigan!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7) Wagon/Hay Rides – Who doesn’t love going on wagon/hay rides? It just screams October. There is nothing better than going on a wagon/hay ride to the pumpkin patch at the apple orchard! Sounds like music to my ears.

IMG_56158) Pumpkin Patches – Speaking of pumpkin patches, I just love going to them! You get to hunt around and find the perfect pumpkin to take home. Each pumpkin is different shaped and size and everyone loves finding their pumpkin. I can’t wait to take Colton to pick out his pumpkin when he is older!

IMG_55389) Apple Cider – I could drink apple cider all the time! It is sooo good but there is just something about drinking apple cider in October at the apple orchards. Apple cider cold or hot is great but the best kind of apple cider is an apple cider slushie. Yummmm makes me just thirsty thinking about it.

apple cider donuts10) Doughnuts – Oh man the doughnuts. There is just nothing like getting a hot fresh donut from the apple orchard. The smell, the cinnamon, the sugar, the taste, the texture. Yum just so good!!! If you have never had the pleasure of having an apple cider doughnut, I am sorry! You must find away to get some!

That’s it! My favorite things about October, I am just sad that it is almost over!!

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Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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