Pinterest Project Tuesday: Wedding Ring Holder

Can you believe it is already September 10th?? This year is going by so fast, my little man in almost 3 months. Time is going by way too fast. Okay, moving forward to this weeks project!!

IMG_3481Having Colton makes it a little harder to do crafts, so I have been looking for easy and quick projects to do. As soon as I saw this pin, I knew I had to do it! This weeks project is a wedding ring or any ring really holder. What girl doesn’t want to have a special place for her wedding/engagement ring? Its only the most important piece of jewelery so why not have special place to display it? This was a quick project and I loved how it turned out! Here is the pin that inspired this weeks project.

photo-18The pin takes you to Saucy Pants, which is more a food blog but they have some crafts. If you’re looking for recipes, this is a place to go! I followed the concept of their holder but mine obviously looks different!

Here is what I did for my holder.

What you will need:

  • Frame
  • Cork Board
  • Straight Pin
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Burlap or backing of choice
  • Ring

IMG_3425First thing you do, is cut your burlap or backing to fit your frame and take out all the frame stuffing

IMG_3430 IMG_3434IMG_3436Then cut a small piece of cork board

IMG_3437 IMG_3438Next you will hot glue your cork board to your frame stuffing. I glued mine to the little piece of cardboard that was in the frame.

IMG_3441 IMG_3443Put your burlap in the frame (do not replace the glass) and then put in the cardboard piece with the cork board.

IMG_3447 IMG_3448Then push in your straight pin

IMG_3451 IMG_3454 IMG_3456Add your ring and your done!!!

IMG_3460I have mine on my nightstand.

IMG_3479 IMG_3481 IMG_3480This was a such a quick and easy project! I loved how it turned out and it looks great on my nightstand. I hope you give it a try and display your pretty rings!

Until next time!


Jessica aka Mrs. Ripple


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