Movie Review: The Hangover III

As soon as we saw that Hangover III was coming out, we knew we wanted to go see it. So last weekend we headed to Studio Movie Grill (my fav!) to see Alan and the rest of the Wolf Pack!

the-hangover-3-poster3-388x600Here is the trailer incase you haven’t seen it yet.

I thought it was really funny! Alan of course was the best; his one liners never get old. I still like the first one best, I mean it is hard to beat that one. Three was much more revolved around Chow and his shenanigans rather than Alan, Phil and Stu. I loved the part with Alan singing, that was hilarious. There were some special cameos but I wish they would have brought back Mike Tyson one more time.

Overall, it was funny and kept me entertained the whole time. If you liked the first two, you will like this one!

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Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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