Day 7: The things you are most afraid of

Continuing with the Blog Everyday in May Challenge, todays topic is the things you are most afraid of.

There are a few different things that I am afraid of.


  • Needles!! I HATE THEM.I have always been afraid of them since I was little. I remember the first time I had to give blood, it was for life insurance, I took the day off of work to prepare for it. The nurse came to my house and I passed out. HA The hardest part about being pregnant is giving blood or so I thought… I was then diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes so now I am being forced to deal with my fear 4 times a day when I check my glucose levels… damn you needles… damn you… I am somewhat contemplating not getting the epidural because of the needle. I mean HELLO its in you back!


  • Spiders. I turn into a spaze when I see spiders. I can’t take my eyes off of it when I see them because if I do they will disappear and then I am up all night thinking there is a spider crawling on me.. AHH. I don’t even attempt to kill them because then I have to get close enough for them to possibly jump on me. SO I am the wacko who gets out the vacuum and use the hose attachment and stand as far away as possible and take care of them that way. HA To be honest, the really applies to all types of insects.
  • Losing all my pictures. I know this is a weird one but I have had it happen to me before. Brent accidentally cleared my whole computer and we couldn’t recover anything. I lost pictures of my Papa that only I had from the last time we all got together as a family before he passed. I cried for hours and I mean literally cried for hours. Ever since then I have this fear of losing my pictures. So I save them on a my computer, back them up on our external drive, and I keep them on my memory card. Which means I have tons of memory cards because I refuse to delete the pictures. 


  • Childbirth…. obviously this is because I am pregnant and baby boy is going to have to come out at. I think every woman is afraid of childbirth, especially the first time. 

Those are all the main ones! What are you afraid of?

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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