April Cara Box

Cara Box? What is that you might be asking. Cara Bo is a gift exchange among other bloggers/non-bloggers. It was created by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals. Why is it called Cara Box, you might ask. Cara means beloved friend. The concept is each month you get paired with two people, one person you are sending the box too and the other person is the person sending the box to you. You can read all about the process over at Wifessionals.

This was my first month participating and I was SUPER excited!! Each month there is a new theme, April’s theme was Going Green. When I think of going green, I think of organic, recycled and earth type products. So when I was gathering items for my box to send, that is what I looked for. I was partnered with Cindy over at My Bellavida. She is a fellow Texan and it was soooo great getting to know here through email and her blog. Head over to her blog to see the box I sent her!

Now for my box! My box was from Lauren over at One Sweet Fairytale. I didn’t get to talk to Lauren too much but I did get to know a lot about her from her blog. I loved the box that she sent me! She put a lot of thought and time into getting to know me through my blog.

IMG_2444Here is a look into my box!

1) A Deep Cleansing Mask

IMG_24462) Socks for Colton

IMG_24483) Green Nail Polish

IMG_24504) A bucket

IMG_24525) Bath Salts

IMG_24536) A Frog Bath Mitten for Colton

IMG_24577) A homemade bag!! She did all the decorating herself!

IMG_2459I want to thank Lauren for sending me a great first Cara Box!! I can’t wait to do May!! You should head over to Wifessionals and sign up!!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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