Pinterest Project Tuesdays: Bracelet Holder

I am apparently on a mission to organize things. Not sure if this is due to pregnancy or just the fact that I want to organize. Either way i am sure Brent is happy! HA Anyways, this week project was another easy one that took less the five minutes. It is a Bracelet Holder.

IMG_2473I am horrible with my jewelry! I end up just leaving them on my nightstand and shoving it in the draw or I just leave it on my bathroom counter. So when I saw this pin, I knew it was perfect for me to do so that I could finally organize some part of my jewelry, plus then I don’t have to go looking for the bracelet I want since they will all be together!! Here is the pin that inspired my project this week.

photo-12The pin takes you to a blog called The Adventures of VAMH. It’s a cute lifestyle blog about the lives of Allison and Vinny! Take a look at it! She recently went on a trip to Paris.. can I say JEALOUS! One day I will go back and show Brent around.Anyways! Here is what I did for my project.

What you will need:

  • Paper Towel Holder (I got mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond)
  • Bracelets

IMG_2461First thing you do is get your Paper Towel Holder.

IMG_2464Then add all your bracelets.

IMG_2465DONE! SO easy right but a great way to be organized! Now I just need to do my necklaces…

IMG_2470Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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