Pinterest Project Tuesdays: Cupcake Liner Holder

I just love buying cupcake liners the only problem is I never know where to put them, so I end up having a huge collection of them in my pantry. Then I ended up buying more because I think I don’t have any for the occasion that I am baking for but turns out I did, I just didn’t know it because they were shoved in the pantry! AHH… Which brings me to this weeks project! Cupcake Liner Holder

IMG_2436Well this weeks project has to be the easiest project I have ever done! It literally took me less than five minutes! I was able to declutter my favorite shelf in the pantry, the Baking Shelf! Maybe I am starting to enter the nesting stage in pregnancy or maybe I am just too excited to declutter! HA Here is the pin that inspired me this week.

photo-11To be honest, I didn’t even click on the pin to see where it took me. It was pretty self-explanatory on what to do… I feel bad about it but it is what it is! ANYWAYS! Here is what I did…

What you will need:

  • Glass Jar
  • Cupcake Liners

IMG_2412First things first, grab your jar.

IMG_2417Then fill the jar with the cupcake liners

IMG_2422IMG_2423AND DONE!!!! So easy right, yet so practical. Now I know where all of my liners are and I can see what I have. I am sure I will still buy more but at least I get to decorate with them!

IMG_2419Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Project Tuesdays: Cupcake Liner Holder

  1. So adorable!! This would look so cute in my kitchen!
    Oh and thanks to this I got sucked into your blog and just read like EVERY post! HAHA Love it!!!

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