My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

Who doesn’t love Christmas movies?? I mean I get more and more excited as December 1st approaches because I know that means ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is approaching. I mean 25 days straight of Christmas movies! HELLO sounds like a blast to me. So I started thinking, what are my favorite Christmas movies? There are so many out there that it was tough to narrow down but I was able to pick my Top 10. SO without further ado, here are my Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies.

10) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – This is a classic! One of my favorite since I have been a kid.


9) Serendipity – This is the movie that made me fall in love with New York and I have never been there. When I finally make it to New York I will be swinging by Serendipity and trying one of their famous desserts.


8) A Christmas Story – I mean who doesn’t love this movie? You’ll shoot your eye out kid!


7) How the Grinch Stole Christmas – I just love Jim Carrey and he made this movie.


6) Christmas with the Kranks – Skipping Christmas and then having to plan Christmas in a couple of hours! Love it! Plus Tim Allen!


5) Home Alone – Great Christmas movie and its nice seeing Macaulay Culkin before he turned crazy….


4) The Santa Clause – Tim Allen as Santa Claus, yes please. If you didn’t believe in Santa this movie makes you a believer again.


3) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – DUH! Classic movie!


2) Elf – This movie never gets old! There are so many one liners and I just love Will Ferrell, too funny!


1) The Year Without a Santa Claus – My favorite Christmas movie of all time! I love everything about it! The songs, the characters, the plot, everything!


I hope all of you are enjoying your favorite Christmas movies! I am off to watch ABC Family!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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