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A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I participated in a challenge/scavenger hunt run called Challenge Nation! This was my fourth scavenger hunt run and they are so much fun!

What is a scavenger hunt run you ask? You and your team (Normally a team of 2) are handed a clue sheet at the beginning of the race as well as all the other teams. You and your team solve the clues in any order and build your own course. Most of the clues lead to a place with different types of challenges either take a photo of the place or you have to do something. Some of the clues are just photo challenges that you have to complete. Your team can only use public transportation, so that means you can only use the bus and rail or your feet!

In this race there were 12 clues and we had to complete any 11 that we wanted. As soon as we were handed our clues, it started raining. Not just sprinkling, it was down-pouring!! It definitely added an extra challenge to the race!

Here were the clues!

1) I am a sculpture that stood in front of the 1100 Louisiana building for 25+ years, but I moved to this urban oasis upon its opening in 2008. I could be the answer to the age-old riddle that asked whats black and white and red all over (…plus a little blue). My proper name is French and the rules say don’t climb me – so don’t do that, but do give us your wackiest pose with this landmark Houston artwork.

The answer was at Discovery Green and you had to take a picture of your whole team near the sculpture acting wacky. Well it was raining really hard so we just took a pic! HA

2) This one is fairly simple: these two Houston departments file a strength of 5,400 and 4,190 and were founded a relatively long time ago, 1841 and 1838, respectively – and have been keeping you safe ever since. Pose with any of them or their stations or vehicle, acting out their job in the photo.

We found a police officer while running around, so we acted like we were being arrested.

3) Houston is one of only five American cities that has resident arts companies in all major performing disciplines: ballet, opera, symphony, and theater – and its theater district is second only ti NYC for number of seats in a downtown area. Find the front of any one of these four host venues – and WITH ANOTHER CHALLENGE TEAM OR AT LEAST TWO STRANGERS  – act out whichever discipline you’ve chosen – be creative!

We took a picture in front of the Alley Theater with another team acting out a fight!

4) Find the clock across from a famous tree you’d never want to be the 12th to test out – 11 people (supposedly!) had a bad experience with it! The clock’s been keeping Houstonians on time since 1908 – for many years it even served as a hitching post for horses! It sits on a pedestal made of more then 11, 000 bricks taken from historic Navigation Street. Because the Earth’s rotation is (verrrrry) gradually slowing down, a “leap second” was added to the official time of our planet a month ago, the first added since January of 2009 and just the 25th ever added. To celebrate your extra time, your team should do its best exuberant “leap” photo. But here’s the catch – you need to convince AT LEAST ONE stranger or a full other Challenge team to jump with you! Do your best to get a great leap in the photo but there’s no need for perfection in making sure everyone’s feet are off the ground.

This was the hardest one! We just could not find the clock! Luckily we found it with another team so it worked out!

5) Short of a tie with California for first by just one company, Texas has the 2nd most Fortune 500 companies hardhearted in the state. Of those 52 companies in TX, a whopping 23 of them are based right here in Houston. Find any one of their headquarters buildings – get within 5 years of a sign, and act out what you think their main product/service is – with some creativity! (Note: be really, really SURE the company is HEADQUARTERED in Houston and is ACTUALLY on the 2012 F500 list… you’d be surprised how many teams screw this simple clue up!)

This one was easy! We did Waste Management!

6) How good are you with numbers? Fill in the blanks to find the address of this oldest structure in Houston that still stands in its original spot. ____ is the atomic number of oxygen. Former Houston Oiler QB legend Warren Moon’s jersey number was ____. And there were ____ French Hens in the 12 days of Christmas. Find that address on the street that shares a name with a legislative body that includes 535 members. Out front of the landmark  – act out what you think a scene from 1847, the year it was completed, would look like.

8 is the number of oxygen, 1 is the jersey number and there were 3 french hens! SO 813 then the legislative body is Congress. So we had to go to 813 Congress which is La Carafe. The place was packed so we just took a picture really quick!

7) Other then Florida, Texas has the most coastline of any state in the Southern United States – but your challenge is to find someone form the OTHER edges of America: find anyone from a state that boarders the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, or Great Lakes (The Gulf doesn’t count!) When you locate them, take a photo with them making the shape of their state with your team’s arms. (Take a photo with the top half of their license to prove you found them… its best to cover up their name/address etc.)

This is the clue we skipped, we could not find anyone!!

8) Within 150 yards of clue #1, you’ll find a “tree” that all wet – you’ll know your on the right track if you pass a statue  of G.R.B. on the way. How quickly can your team hop inside its outer ring of water and take a photo within – that’s your challenge.

This was in Discovery Green as well! The water was off so this was pretty easy! Even though we got soaked from the rain anyways! HA

9) Did you know you were wearing a clue this whole time? Find the ten coded digits on your body and ring them up to hear your next Challenge.

Their was a ten digit code on our bib number! We called it up and the clue was to take a picture with a statue of one of the presidents. I knew exactly where one was! George Bush Senior!

10) Wow, so many choices, choices: take a photo with any ONE of the following: a clown, a live horse, a person wearing overalls, a pet other then a dog, a pink car, OR a license plate number that includes the digit “1”.

We found a license plate with the digit “1”.

11) This clue is our outlier – furthest from other clues and home base, so your team might want to strategically skip it if you can figure out eh others: it’s been said that this 1926 historic landmark Spanish Revival – style building is haunted by the ghost of its caretaker and his dog “Petey” – we can’t say for sure, but with Halloween coming up, it’s worth checking out. On its steps or courtyard, act out what you think the ghost of Jacob and his dog Petey might look like – maybe they’ll spook-e up if they like what they see!

Done! This was the Julia Ideson Building.

12) College football and baseball playoffs are in full swing! Great game yesterday for Texas Tech… not so much for the Longhorns, though. Celebrate the best sports season of the year by finding any NON-TEXAS LOCATED COLLEGE sports fan wearing a hat, jersey, shirt, etc. and take a photo with them mimicking the sport their gear is from – as long as it’s not a fellow Challenger, it can’t take place in or within 50 yards of Lucky’s Pub and you can’t just throw a hat on someone in a sports store!

We found a guy wearing a University of Kansas Jayhawks shirt, which is Basketball!

We finished 93 out of 200+ teams! The rain really messed us up in the beginning!

It was a great day even with the rain! After we finished we celebrated with a meal at Maggiano’s! It never tasted so good!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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