Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Halloween Spook Banner

Another week gone and another project done!! Keeping with my Halloween theme, I decide to make this Halloween Spook Banner that I have pinned a while ago! It was so much fun to make and is soo cute. It looks great on my mantel and I am almost done decorating! I can’t wait to show you my Halloween mantel!

Here is the pin that inspired me to make this! the pin takes you to a blog called iheartnaptime. com. She lists out tons of Halloween crafts and of course one of was the banner. It was just so darn cute that I knew I had to make it. The original came from  For some reason her website didn’t work that well on my computer so I was only able to see that she cut her pieces a certain size and the rest I followed from the pin picture!

Here is how I made my Halloween Spook Banner!

Here is what you will need:

  • Paper Cutter
  • Colored Pencils
  • Permanent Marker
  • Tape Runner
  • Twine to fit your mantel
  • Scrapbook Paper (Green, Yellow, Orange, Gray, Light Brown, Dark Brown, White, Pink, and Black)
  • Small Clothes Pins

First thing you want to do is cut down your paper to 5×7 rectangles. The main paper that I used were Orange, Black, Green, Gray, Light Brown, and Yellow.

Then you want to cut the rectangles into triangles.

Then you start making your faces! Lets start with the Pumpkin. I took a piece of the black paper and drew the eyes, nose and mouth and cut those out. I also took a piece of green and brown for the stem. Then tape the pieces down!

Lets do Frankenstein next! I took another piece of black paper and drew out his hair. I also took the white paper and made 2 small pieces for his eyes. Along with 2 small black pieces for his eyes and 2 bolts for his neck. Then tape those down like this!

Then you want to take the permanent marker and draw his mouth and stitches across his head. He is my favorite!

Now the Black Cat! I took a piece of black paper and cut out 2 black triangles for the ears. I also took the white paper and cut out 2 pieces for the eyes. I cut out a little triangle of the pink paper for the nose. Then tape those down.

Then using the permanent marker draw on the eyes. Using the white colored pencil, draw on the whiskers and mouth!

Now for the ghost! Cut out 2 ovals for the eyes out of white paper and tape those down.

Then using the permanent marker draw on the nose, mouth and eyes. I also ripped the top a little bit to look more ghost like.

Now for the Candy Corn! Take the orange paper and tape down a piece leaving a good amount of the yellow showing on the top. Trim to make it stay as a triangle.

Then do the same with the white paper on the bottom half. Also cut out 2 white stars for the eyes and tape those down.

Then using the permanent marker, draw on the eyes and mouth.

Last is the Owl! You want to cut our 2 triangles from the dark brown paper for the ears. Take the white paper and cut out 2 ovals for the eyes. Take the yellow paper and cut out a small triangle for the beak. Then take the black paper and cut out 2 circles for the eyes. Tape all of these down.

Taking the permanent marker, draw on the feathers. Using the white colored pencil draw on the eyes.

Then your done making your characters!!

Next you want to put up your twine and then clothes pin your characters on, spacing them evenly across the mantel.

Then stand back and enjoy!!! I just love it! So far this is my favorite Halloween decoration!

I hope you give this a try!! It was super easy and didn’t take too much time!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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