Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Ghost Lollipops

Can you believe Halloween is tomorrow?? This year has gone by so fast! I remember pinning this a long time ago and I knew it was the perfect thing to make to hand out at work!!

Here is the pin that inspired me. The pin takes you to a blog called One Charming Party. It is a super cute blog with lots of different crafts with tutorials. I just loved her Ghost Lollipops and I have been looking forward to making these for some time. I changed it up just a little bit to make it easier for me but I think both are super cute!

Here is what I did!

What you will need:

  • Tootsie Rolls Pops
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • White Fabric (I used fabric that was what you would use for sheet; I got 3 yards)
  • Orange and Black Ribbon

First thing I did was cut the white fabric into 6×6 squares. She cut the edges in a scallop type edge but I kept mine the rough edge, I thought it looked more ghost like.

Then I took the lollipop and wrapped the fabric around it.

Alternating with the orange and black ribbon, tie around the neck of the lollipop, securing the fabric to the lollipop.

Then take the sharpie and draw two ghost eyes.

Then your done!! So simple, so cute and a perfect Halloween treat! I can’t wait to pass these out tomorrow.

With 3 yards of fabric, I was able to make 60 lollipops while still having fabric left over.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween and give this a fun treat a try!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs.Ripple

Show and Tell:: How you met your spouse

1) Tell us about how and when you met your love and what attracted you most to him.

Brent and I were set up on a blind date back in August 2008 by our really good friends Jolene and Lamar. We started emailing back and forth with each other and we decided to meet. We both work one block away from each other, so we decided to meet for a lunch date. Brent wanted to go to this place called Ninfa’s, which is Mexican food, and I had to break it to him early that I did not like Mexican food! He took it really well! HAHA! So we met for our blind date lunch and it went really, really well and we have been together ever since!

What attracted me most to Brent was his smile and his laugh. When he truly laughs, it is one of the best sounds in the whole world.

2) Show us the very first (or one of the first) pictures you guys ever took together. (Fell free to show us more than one)

Our first picture together was on a double date with Jolene and Lamar at an Astro’s game!

3) Tell us some of your favorite memories that you two had together.

We have had so many memories together that it is hard to pick my favorite ones. I would say these are some of my favorites.

  • When we went to Michigan for the first time and Brent got to meet most of my family. He loved all the “Christmas trees” and it was like the highlight of his trip that he got to see 8 Mile road! HAHA

  • Going to Disney World together for the first time! He had as much fun as I did! We were both like little kids!

  • Our most recent trip to Vegas! We had so much fun eating and walking and talking! It was great!

  • Obviously our Honeymoon. St. Lucia was amazing and I can’t wait to go back to celebrate our anniversary in a week!!

  • BUT my all time favorite memory was our wedding day! It was the perfect day and I couldn’t have asked to for anything better. I wish we could relive that day over and over again!

4) Tell us your favorite qualities about this man, what makes him “the one.”

My favorite qualities about Brent are his sense of humor, he his honest, has a huge heart, loves his friends and family with all his heart, he is passionate, a hard worker and so many more things. He is my perfect match and he challenges me all the time!

5) Tell us what your “date nights” typically look like.

Our typical date nights normally consist of dinner and a movie. I love movies; I could go to the movies everyday if it wasn’t weird. So on most of our dates we are going to my favorite place which is Studio Movie Grill, where you eat while you watch the movie!

Friday Letters

I started following this great blog by Stephanie from Beautiful Mess and I love it! She is a fellow Texan and she is super funny and I love her writing. I noticed on Fridays that she does this post called Friday Letters that is a link up from another blog, Adventures of Newlyweds. What you do is write some little notes to people or things that you just want to say something too! SOOO Here it goes, my first Friday Letters!


Dear Friday: Thank you for arriving some what quickly this week! I long for you on Mondays and I feel like you are never going to come. So thanks again for rushing this week!

Dear Oreos: While many people love your chocolate sandwich cookie, I cannot stand you! I know harsh, sorry, I just wanted to tell you the truth. I especially dislike you more today due to the fact that I had to see 31 boxes of you being crushed for hours yesterday to make a grooms cake for people I love. You are lucky oreos because if it wasn’t for them you would have been in the trash…

Dear Friday 5 o’clock traffic: PLEASE, PLEASE work with me today. I have a wedding to get to at 7:30pm and with out your help I will not be able to make it. I would really appreciate if you would be on my side today. Shoot I will gladly give you a day next week to take it out on me. Deal? Please stay green my friend and not look like this!

Dear Fall Weather: Thank you for coming back into my life, can you stay awhile this time??? I would like to either put my summer clothes away and not have to find them again until next year, K!

Dear Detroit Tigers: Please, Please get it together! We are counting on you boys. Take those Giants DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Husband: Thank you for being so great this week! Only one more week until we are in St. Lucia! Love you!

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? I know I do! They are they perfect breakfast treat in the morning! As soon as I saw this pin, I wanted to have a brunch so that I could make these for everyone to enjoy! Bite size food is the best and these truly hit the spot!

Here is the pin that inspired me! Don’t they just look fabulous?? I want to eat the whole pan! The pin takes you to a website called Iowa Girls Eat. It’s a great blog with lots of different recipes! Go check it out and give something a try!

This is how I made my Mini Cinnamon Rolls!

What you will need:

  • Melted Butter
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Brown Sugar
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Mini Cupcake Pan
  • Sharp Knife
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pam

The first thing you want to do is preheat the oven to 375°. Open you crescent dough and unroll. I was able to find a whole sheet of crescent dough rather than rolls but you can use either one. If you use the rolls make sure you pinch together the seams to keep it intact.

Then using your rolling-pin, roll out the dough until it is about 1/4″ thick.

Then brush the dough with the melted butter, covering the entire piece of dough.

Then sprinkle on the ground cinnamon.

Then sprinkle on the brown sugar.

Then roll the dough all the way back into a log.

Spray the mini cupcake pan with pam.

Then cut the dough into rings. Mine normally yield 16-20 rolls. Place the rolls into the cupcake pan and bake for 10-11 minutes.


While the cinnamon rolls are baking, you can make the icing.

What you will need:

  • 1 tablespoon of Milk
  • 1 teaspoon of Syrup
  • 3/4 cups of Powdered Sugar

In a small bowl, mix together the syrup, milk and powdered sugar until combined and DONE!

When the cinnamon rolls are done, remove from the pan to a plate and drizzle the icing on top.

Then ENJOY! So simple, right! You have to give this a try the next time you cook breakfast. They are so much better than the store-bought ones for sure!

I hope you give them a try and enjoy them as much as we do!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Challenge Nation

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I participated in a challenge/scavenger hunt run called Challenge Nation! This was my fourth scavenger hunt run and they are so much fun!

What is a scavenger hunt run you ask? You and your team (Normally a team of 2) are handed a clue sheet at the beginning of the race as well as all the other teams. You and your team solve the clues in any order and build your own course. Most of the clues lead to a place with different types of challenges either take a photo of the place or you have to do something. Some of the clues are just photo challenges that you have to complete. Your team can only use public transportation, so that means you can only use the bus and rail or your feet!

In this race there were 12 clues and we had to complete any 11 that we wanted. As soon as we were handed our clues, it started raining. Not just sprinkling, it was down-pouring!! It definitely added an extra challenge to the race!

Here were the clues!

1) I am a sculpture that stood in front of the 1100 Louisiana building for 25+ years, but I moved to this urban oasis upon its opening in 2008. I could be the answer to the age-old riddle that asked whats black and white and red all over (…plus a little blue). My proper name is French and the rules say don’t climb me – so don’t do that, but do give us your wackiest pose with this landmark Houston artwork.

The answer was at Discovery Green and you had to take a picture of your whole team near the sculpture acting wacky. Well it was raining really hard so we just took a pic! HA

2) This one is fairly simple: these two Houston departments file a strength of 5,400 and 4,190 and were founded a relatively long time ago, 1841 and 1838, respectively – and have been keeping you safe ever since. Pose with any of them or their stations or vehicle, acting out their job in the photo.

We found a police officer while running around, so we acted like we were being arrested.

3) Houston is one of only five American cities that has resident arts companies in all major performing disciplines: ballet, opera, symphony, and theater – and its theater district is second only ti NYC for number of seats in a downtown area. Find the front of any one of these four host venues – and WITH ANOTHER CHALLENGE TEAM OR AT LEAST TWO STRANGERS  – act out whichever discipline you’ve chosen – be creative!

We took a picture in front of the Alley Theater with another team acting out a fight!

4) Find the clock across from a famous tree you’d never want to be the 12th to test out – 11 people (supposedly!) had a bad experience with it! The clock’s been keeping Houstonians on time since 1908 – for many years it even served as a hitching post for horses! It sits on a pedestal made of more then 11, 000 bricks taken from historic Navigation Street. Because the Earth’s rotation is (verrrrry) gradually slowing down, a “leap second” was added to the official time of our planet a month ago, the first added since January of 2009 and just the 25th ever added. To celebrate your extra time, your team should do its best exuberant “leap” photo. But here’s the catch – you need to convince AT LEAST ONE stranger or a full other Challenge team to jump with you! Do your best to get a great leap in the photo but there’s no need for perfection in making sure everyone’s feet are off the ground.

This was the hardest one! We just could not find the clock! Luckily we found it with another team so it worked out!

5) Short of a tie with California for first by just one company, Texas has the 2nd most Fortune 500 companies hardhearted in the state. Of those 52 companies in TX, a whopping 23 of them are based right here in Houston. Find any one of their headquarters buildings – get within 5 years of a sign, and act out what you think their main product/service is – with some creativity! (Note: be really, really SURE the company is HEADQUARTERED in Houston and is ACTUALLY on the 2012 F500 list… you’d be surprised how many teams screw this simple clue up!)

This one was easy! We did Waste Management!

6) How good are you with numbers? Fill in the blanks to find the address of this oldest structure in Houston that still stands in its original spot. ____ is the atomic number of oxygen. Former Houston Oiler QB legend Warren Moon’s jersey number was ____. And there were ____ French Hens in the 12 days of Christmas. Find that address on the street that shares a name with a legislative body that includes 535 members. Out front of the landmark  – act out what you think a scene from 1847, the year it was completed, would look like.

8 is the number of oxygen, 1 is the jersey number and there were 3 french hens! SO 813 then the legislative body is Congress. So we had to go to 813 Congress which is La Carafe. The place was packed so we just took a picture really quick!

7) Other then Florida, Texas has the most coastline of any state in the Southern United States – but your challenge is to find someone form the OTHER edges of America: find anyone from a state that boarders the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, or Great Lakes (The Gulf doesn’t count!) When you locate them, take a photo with them making the shape of their state with your team’s arms. (Take a photo with the top half of their license to prove you found them… its best to cover up their name/address etc.)

This is the clue we skipped, we could not find anyone!!

8) Within 150 yards of clue #1, you’ll find a “tree” that all wet – you’ll know your on the right track if you pass a statue  of G.R.B. on the way. How quickly can your team hop inside its outer ring of water and take a photo within – that’s your challenge.

This was in Discovery Green as well! The water was off so this was pretty easy! Even though we got soaked from the rain anyways! HA

9) Did you know you were wearing a clue this whole time? Find the ten coded digits on your body and ring them up to hear your next Challenge.

Their was a ten digit code on our bib number! We called it up and the clue was to take a picture with a statue of one of the presidents. I knew exactly where one was! George Bush Senior!

10) Wow, so many choices, choices: take a photo with any ONE of the following: a clown, a live horse, a person wearing overalls, a pet other then a dog, a pink car, OR a license plate number that includes the digit “1”.

We found a license plate with the digit “1”.

11) This clue is our outlier – furthest from other clues and home base, so your team might want to strategically skip it if you can figure out eh others: it’s been said that this 1926 historic landmark Spanish Revival – style building is haunted by the ghost of its caretaker and his dog “Petey” – we can’t say for sure, but with Halloween coming up, it’s worth checking out. On its steps or courtyard, act out what you think the ghost of Jacob and his dog Petey might look like – maybe they’ll spook-e up if they like what they see!

Done! This was the Julia Ideson Building.

12) College football and baseball playoffs are in full swing! Great game yesterday for Texas Tech… not so much for the Longhorns, though. Celebrate the best sports season of the year by finding any NON-TEXAS LOCATED COLLEGE sports fan wearing a hat, jersey, shirt, etc. and take a photo with them mimicking the sport their gear is from – as long as it’s not a fellow Challenger, it can’t take place in or within 50 yards of Lucky’s Pub and you can’t just throw a hat on someone in a sports store!

We found a guy wearing a University of Kansas Jayhawks shirt, which is Basketball!

We finished 93 out of 200+ teams! The rain really messed us up in the beginning!

It was a great day even with the rain! After we finished we celebrated with a meal at Maggiano’s! It never tasted so good!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Show and Tell:: Shopping

1. Tell us your favorite stores to shop at.

OOOOO, I love me some shopping. My favorite stores to shop at are Target, Hobby Lobby, Express, and White House, Black Market. For online, I love to shop at ETSY and Amazon. I got so much stuff for my wedding from ETSY all at a great price!

2. What are your “Signature Pieces” to wear… your go-to outfit?

I would say my go to pieces are my necklaces. I don’t tend to have a specific piece of clothing that sticks out but I love to wear necklaces with all different shapes and sizes. I also love me some sandals! I am a jeans/shorts, tee/tank kinda girl. I am becoming more a dress girl as I get older.

3. Show us your style through pictures (of you or pinterest finds).

4. Show us your favorite celebrity style icons.

5. If you had to spend money on clothes or home items, which would you choose?

If I had to choose between spending money on clothes or home stuff, I would choose home items. I love adding stuff to my house and would much rather have that decorated then buy a new shirt!

6. Show us your favorite accessories.

7. Tell us in one sentence your philosophy behind shopping. (what makes you buy an item)

My philosophy on shopping is, if you like it, get it! I know that is not always the best option but if is something that you really like and can’t stop thinking about it, then I say buy it. Obviously within reason but on small things, go for it!

Well that’s it this time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Donuts, Cider, Bronners, Oh My!!

In just a couple of hours Brent and I will be in Michigan!! I am so excited to do all my favorite things and enjoy my favorite time of year!! As well as see my family!


What a great day to go too with the Detroit Tigers sweeping the NY Yankees to head to the World Series!! Way to go Boys!!


I can’t wait share all the fun with you!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Date Night in a Bag

My project this week is actually something that I started a few months ago. When I first saw this pin awhile ago, I knew it was something that I wanted to do. We have done Date Night in a Bag a few times and it has been a blast!!

This pin takes you to one of my favorite websites, The Dating Divas. It is a great blog with lots of ideas to strengthen your marriage/relationship. Majority of their ideas come with the printables so that you can make planning even easier! They offer a large amount of date night ideas too!!

Here is what I did for my first Date Night in a Bag! Which was Italian Date Night!

What you will need:

  • Gift Bag
  • Printables from The Dating Divas
  • Mini Boboli Pizza Crusts
  • Pizza Sauce
  • 2 Mini Popcorn Bags
  • 2 Mini Pops
  • Ice Cream Scoop
  • Hot Fudge
  • Cherries
  • Italian Movie (I used the Italian Job)
  • Candy
  • Ice Cream (Not in the bag)
  • Cheese (Not in the bag)

First thing that I did was tape the printable about Date Night on the bag. Then I put everything in the bag!

Then I had Brent open the bag to see what we were going to do for Date Night that week.

We first made our Pizzas! We each had personal mini pizza.

Then we watched the Italian Job while munching on popcorn and candy. Final we had dessert, Hot Fudge Sundaes!

Date Night in a Bag is a great way to do date night while spending very little money. You can do a date at home or you can plan a unique date! It’s all up to you. I love the surprise of it each time too, you don’t know what the date will be until you start opening the bag!

Here is another example of a Date Night in a Bag that I did. It is the Bookstore Date! I had a gift card for our dinner, a gift card for dessert, then we went to the Bookstore (Barnes and Noble) with a sheet of challenges and then we came home and watched a movie based off a book (The Notebook).

Every couple needs Date Night and now you have no excuse!! Go plan your next date!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Scarecrow Festival

I just love fall time, it is the best time of the year!! Every year in October I head out to the Scarecrow Festival in Chappelhill, Texas with my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Laws!

We get up bright and early, eat breakfast and head out to be one of the first shopping! It was a fun-filled day with the girls! We bought lots of stuff and already looking forward to the Bluebonnett Festival in April!

I just love my new Scentsy! My house smells so good and of course I bought all different fall scents!

I hope you all had a great Saturday!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

Show and Tell: When I was 17

1. When you were 17, tell us what kind of car you drove, where you worked, and what you were usually up to on the weekends?

When I was 17, I drove a 93 Ford Thunderbird. It was a death trap! It leaked oil like no other, the seatbelts didn’t work and you had to lift the driver’s door to get it to shut. I swear my family was trying to kill me! HA I worked at Target as a everything and anything. I was a cashier, sales floor member, guest service, stocker, operator and so on! I loved it! The discount sucks but Target is a great place to work!

On the weekends I was usually working since I was still in HS when I was 17. Other than that I was either at cross-country practices or hanging out with my friends or just at home. I was a home body! HA

 2. Show us a picture of you when you were 17 (roughly).

Last day of Senior year!

3. When you were 17, tell us what you wanted to be when you “grow up.”

When I was 17, I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I still do and at some point maybe I will be one! Never say never!

4. When you were 17, tell us the kind of boys that you dated. Did you have a type? Do you have a relationship you remember well? Tell us about it. 

I don’t think I had a type when I was 17. I dated only one guy throughout HS so I guess that was my type! HA I don’t know what type he was maybe a mixture of a bad boy with a jock. It is a relationship that I remember really well since we stayed together after HS and got married. HA We were highschool sweethearts and got married but it did not work out. Live and learn!

5. When you were 17, tell us where you pictured your life 10 years from then. Did you turn out the way you expected it to? 

When I was 17, I thought I would be an elementary school teacher married with 2 kids and living in Michigan. HAHA The only thing that turned out as I expected was being married. I live in Texas with no kids and I am an Admin!

Well that’s it this week!!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple