Bark Box – September 2012

Have you ever heard of Bark Box??? WELLLLL, it is very similar to Birch Box but for DOGS! Still not sure what it is? Birch Box is where you get a monthly delivery of all types of designer cosmetic and beauty products. Bark Box is just like that but for your dogs! Neat right! I heard about Bark Box from this super cute blog called Carolina Charm. You should give her blog a look.

ANYWAYS! We received our first Bark Boxes yesterday and boy were the dogs happy! We got one Medium Box and one Large Box since we have 2 dogs both different sizes.

Brent and I were very excited to open the boxes and see what the doggies got! Each box was very similar, the Large Box had a bigger toy and a different type of bone then the Medium Box.

Ali’s Medium Box

Bella’s Large Box

The box had so much stuff in it and the  product cost would have been a lot more than the monthly subscription of $17!

Al’s Box

What was in the box:

  1. The Crinklit toy by Zigoo Pets: What you do is take any plastic empty water bottle and slip it inside the toy and you have an instant crinkle sounding toy!! When the bottle is destroyed you just put a new one in!
  2. Whole Life Organic Dog Treats: These are freeze-dried treats in our case Sweet Potato that are really healthy and made just with the one ingredient. Bella and Ali loved these!!
  3. Barkworthies: A braided bully stick. The pups were eye this one!
  4. Whole Life Organic Dog Treats: This was a smaller sample then the Sweet Potato ones but this was Pure Chicken.
  5. Zukes’ Z-Bone: A breath freshening bone in Clean Apple Crisp flavor.
  6. W.A.G. (Wash-and-Go) Pet Wipes: A sample wipe that use for quick clean!

Bella’s Box

The Dogs had so much fun playing with the Crinklit toy! I can’t wait to see what comes the next month!!

Simba on the other hand was annoyed with this…

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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