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I have always loved to watch the MTV Video Music Awards! Who doesn’t love to seeing all their favorite musicians singing, dancing and wearing crazy outfits! I know I do! I remember watching Britney Spears rip off her suit showing her nude bodysuit or Michael Jackson thinking he won an ultimate award or anything with New Kids on the Block! I just love it!

So this brings me to this year! I was very excited to hear that Kevin Hart would be the host. I think he is HILARIOUS! I love his stand-up; if you have never seen him go look up Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny and be prepared to laugh! Just soo funny!

Anyways back to this years VMAs! I broke the show down into 5 categories: Fashion, Performances, Host, Best one-liners and overall take on the show! SOOOOO here is my take on this years show!


Here is my Best Dressed list!

Miley Cyrus. I thought she rocked her new hair and looked fabulous doing it! I think she really has grown into a gorgeous woman. I loved the dress and he shoes!! Louboutins of course…

Katy Perry. She looked super sexy in her dress and didn’t over do it this year. She showed her best assets while still being covered with very simple hair and make-up. So pretty! I wish she would keep the long hair! It looks good on her!

Taylor Swift. I am loving the pant suits and I loved that it was white and not black. She always looks so put together from head to toe. Her make-up was flawless and her eyes really popped!

Emma Watson. Some people might not agree with me on this one but I thought she looked super CUTE! I loved her shoes and I thought the differ patterns were unique. She looked her age and I just love her.

Honorable Mention: Ke$ha. She has to be mentioned based of the fact that she had real clothes on this time and she didn’t look like a hot mess. Her hair was very simple and her make-up looked great. I didn’t really like her shoes or her bag but I was just happy she didn’t wear a dress again that she made out of trash…

Here is my Worst Dressed list!

Demi Lovato. I disliked everything about this look from head to toe! Her hair was a mess and the blonde does not work for her at all. The jacket with that dress was too much and it made her look frumpy when she is not! The shoes were okay but not my fave. She is a pretty girl and this was just not working for her.

Nicki Minaj. Okay…. I get that maybe she is trying to one up Gaga or something but this is HORRIBLE! Is she a cop or is she Big Bird with a cat suit?? I am not sure but she is trying to many Halloween costumes on at one time…

Pink. I love Pink but to me this outfit does not work…. It makes her look like she has no figure at all. Where did her hips go?? It also makes it look like she has a belly and she does not. I do like he hair and make-up though.

Rihanna. I had mix feelings about this one. I liked the dress from the back but HATED it from the front. It looked like a towel that she made into a dress. The knot was killing me! I just wanted to untie it. I am undecided about the hair…

Jessica Szohr. Where do I begin with this… Everything is bad! Did she just come from the beach and throw on her cover-up and boots?? Don’t get it…

Alicia Keys. By no means was she the worst dressed out of the bunch but this just didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the hair, the bangs were just weird. The dress material showed every wrinkle and just looked too shiny. It also did nothing for her figure!


There were many performances from the likes of Rihanna, Pink, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Alicia Keys and so on.

My my favorite performances were Pink and Taylor Swift. Pink always puts on a great show and I love the fact that she sings live. She rocked out and the crowd loved her!

Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift! I just think she is so cute! She performed her new song “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” who know one knows who it is about (cough, Jake Gyllenhaal, cough). It was fun and she looked like she was having fun!

My least favorite perfomace was by Rihanna. I normally love her but I just did not like last nights. The was hard to understand her in the first song and she just didn’t sound all that great to me.


I love me some Kevin Hart and I was so ready to see him and he did not disappoint! I thought he was super funny and kept the crowd going. I loved his opening monologue with the Chris Brown/Drake joke as well as the Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson comments. I wish they would have had him in the show more because he was much more entertaining then some of the performances!!

Best One-Liners:

“Drake is from Canada. Drake loves to recycle. Drake thought that there was a recycling bin in Chris’s section.” – Kevin Hart joking about the fight between Chris Brown and Drake

“I just want to say, we’ve had this award for two seconds and already we’ve broke it, so that’s a good start.” – Liam Payne form One Direction, when they were accepting their first award and flung the flag from the moonman.

“I wanted to look naked with some lace on my bits.” Ke$ha always keeping it classy when referring to her outfit

Overall Take on the Show:

I thought the show as okay. It wasn’t great and it was not the worst; the show was kinda dull. Even when the cameras panned to the celebs in the audience they looked bored. There just wasn’t the star power that there normally is. Where was Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Britney???

There were some good parts but the majority of the show was a snooze fest. I mean even Lil Wayne was so bored that he started listening to his headphones… HA

Well that’s it! What did you think of the show??

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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