Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Savings Shadow Box

Another Tuesday, another project!! This week I decided to make something that would help me accomplish another goal. I made a Savings Shadow Box! I have been wanting to get a new camera so I thought this was a perfect project to save up for the new DSLR camera I want!


I saw this pin awhile ago and finally decided to do it! The pin takes you to a blog called 21st Century Keeper at Home. The blog seems like a good find for at home projects!! Give it a look-see.

So here is my box!! It took me 10 mins and $20; just depends on the price of your shadow box.

Items you will need:

1 Shadow Box (whatever size you would like, mine is a 9×7)


Exacto knife

Sanding File

Picture of what you are saving for

First you are going to either tape or pin your picture to the background. My frame came with pins so it was easy to secure!

Then you are going to cut the background to create a slit to slide in money.

Then sand down so that it is even and clean-looking.

You are going to repeat the same process to the back of the frame as well.

Once you finish cutting and sanding you can put the frame together.

Then start adding money!!

How simple was that project! It is super easy and such a great idea to get you saving. What is even better is that you can change out the picture when you are ready to save for another thing!

I hope you give this a shot! Good luck saving!!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

3 thoughts on “Pinterest Project Tuesdays – Savings Shadow Box

  1. This is a great idea 🙂 I love how simple it is but how effective because you can see progress with your savings! 🙂 Now to figure out a way to stop myself from ‘borrowing’ from the fund.. .:)

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