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Searching through all my pins I found the perfect project to do!! I had a bridal shower to go to on Saturday and I wanted to give a unique gift to this amazing couple! So the project I decided to do was a Date Night Jar but I added my own twists to it.

This is the pin that inspired my project!

The pin takes you to a cute blog about Jennifer Green and her family. Her jar is color coded by type of date and price. I just loved her idea but I decided not to color code or label the dates because I wanted the couple to make all the decisions about each week. SOOO here is my Date Night Jar I made!

Supplies (cost about $10-$15 depending on the size of jar you get):

1 – Glass Jar with an easy open lid

1 -2 packs of large Popsicle sticks

Ribbon of choice

Hot glue and gun


Letter stickers of choice


First step is planning out what dates you want to do. I made a list of all the date night ideas that I could come up with and by looking online. I had dates that ranged all different prices and planning time. I also had dates that were local to us here in Texas.

From there I started writing one date night idea on a Popsicle stick until I had enough to fill the jar leaving some room to pick out a stick.

After I finished with the sticks, I added the bow to the jar. Make sure you put the ribbon below the jar lid so that you have no issues opening and closing the jar.

I hot glued the back of the bow to the jar as well as the front.

Then add ‘Date Night Jar’ to the front in stickers. I had to hot glue some of these down as they did not stick very well to the jar but I think that all depends on the type of stickers you use.

After that you are done! It is a super easy project and who wouldn’t love to go on more dates with their spouse! The most common advice I got before we got married was to go on lots of dates and spend time together. This is a sure-fire way to do that.

NOW, this was a gift for a bridal shower so what I did to make this more fun and unique was I picked 4 of the dates from the jar and bought her the stuff to go with the dates!! How cute is that, right??

The 4 dates I picked were:

  • Bake Something Together Date
  • Game Night and Pizza Date
  • Ice Cream Sundae Date
  • Italian Date: Pasta and Movie

Here is what I got her for the Bake Something Together Date:

Cupcake Pan

Cupcake Liners

Cake Mix



Whisk (off her registry)

Here is what I got for the Game Night and Pizza Date

Pizza Pan

Pizza Cutter (off her registry)

Oven Mitt (off her registry)

Pizza Sauce

Italian Seasonings

Pizza Dough Recipe


Here is what I got for the Ice Cream Sundae Date

Ice Cream Bowls (2)

Ice Cream Scoop (off her registry)




Here is what I got for the Italian Night: Pasta and Movie


Kitchen Towel (off her registry)


Pasta Sauce

Spoon (off her registry)

Letters to Juliet (based in Italy)

I wrapped each gift in a separate bag and labeled them what the date was. I then put all the bags and the jar in a big box and wrapped the box. In the card I gave her I told her to take the jar out first so that I could then explain that each bag goes with one of the dates!!

It was a hit at the shower and the Bride loved it!! I even got kudos from the groom! I can’t wait until the next shower to do this all over again!!

I hope you give this a try and go on lots of memorable dates!!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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