Jessica, Will You Accept this Rose?

I love trash reality TV and luckily so does my Husband! Now I don’t think he loves the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad as much as me but he watches it with me. I am an avid follow of Ashely Spivey’s (for those who don’t watch the show, she was a contestant on Brad Womack’s second season of the Bachelor) blog Say No to Cosmo! She is hilarious and I look forward to reading her blog after each episode. You can also catch her blog on the Bachelor’s website too.

BUT anyways…. I was reading her blog one day before the new season of Bachelorette started and I saw that she had this Bachelorette Bracket to play! AND BOOM inspiration hit me and I knew this had to be played with some coworkers!

Two coworkers and I decided to fill out two sheets each. One bracket from the beginning all the way through and one bracket week-to-week. The prize for the winner was a dozen red roses from the losers.

Well after a grueling season of shocking exits, the most dramatic rose ceremonies ever and love in the end, I am proud to say I was the winner!!

If you love the show, you should give this a try! It was tons of fun and there is nothing like adding some competition of your own!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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