Dude looks like a lady!

Last week we had the privilege of seeing Aerosmith at the Houston Toyota Center. I was very excited to see Steven and Joe in their element, Brent on the other hand not so much. He is not a big 70s – 80s music fan but I am for sure! The opening act was Cheap Trick and they were TERRIBLE! You could barely understand what they were saying because either they had the music too loud or the guys mouth was way too close to the microphone, I am not sure but it was bad. The best part about the opening act was watching the guy in front of me jamming out while playing his air guitar! HA

ANYWAYS…. Aerosmith is who we came to see and they rocked! They played a mix of their old stuff and couple of their new songs. Not going to lie, I was not interested in their new stuff and majority of the crowd agreed with me. I always knew that Steven Tyler was skinny but he is much smaller than expected! Dude definitely looked like a lady! HA

Joe Perry on the other hand was a creature to me. He comes out with his shirt open and you expect him to be some what in rough shape for being a 61-year-old rocker but that guy has a body!!! He looked like a 22-year-old from the neck down but he for sure looked like a 61-year-old from the neck up! It was weird..

The had a great show with great music! I would see them again, Brent not so much. I was disappointed that they didn’t sing “I don’t wanna miss a thing” and “Dude (looks like a lady)” but it was still a fabulous show!

Until next time!


Jessica AKA Mrs. Ripple

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