Can you feel the love tonight?

On top of the Rivertrip this past weekend, we also had tickets to see the musical The Lion King on Sunday. I have seen it twice but the husband has never seen it! It was everything I remembered and more. It is so neat to me how they do the costumes! I just love it! When buying the tickets I made sure that we had end seats in the middle of the floor because I knew that the actors come into the audience. I made sure that Brent had the end seat and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction! When the play started and people start heading down the rows dressed as animals, Brent’s face lite up! He was so cute! HA It was well worth it to sit next to a kid that would not stop grabbing my arm because she thought I was her mom! HA

Until next time!


Jessica, AKA Mrs. Ripple

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