The Beginning of the Ripples

We met by way of knowing a friend, of a friend. Our good friends Jolene, Lamar, Christin and Jacob told each of us about each other. As the great friends that they are, they insisted that Brent just had to meet me. Little did they know that this would be the beginning of something!

One day in August 2008, Brent, Jolene and everyone else were out to dinner. Brent being a show off was showing Jolene his new iPhone. They got to talking about me and Jolene pulled up her MySpace account on Brent’s phone to show him a picture of me. Well…. Jolene forgot to log off her account and Brent went back in and wrote a comment to me on a picture that said “Can’t wait to meet you!”. Of course, I was confused because it showed it coming from Jolene and I already knew her! HAHA

So, the next day Jolene called me and told me what happened and that it was Brent who wrote the comment and that he also worked in Downtown and that he said he was going to swing by my office to meet me! I was so nervous and every time the elevator door would ding, I would start to panic! Well, Brent never showed up because he chickened out. So, I emailed him! HA Brent being sly and all, waited until the next day to respond. We went back and fourth in e-mails and decided to meet for a blind lunch date.

That day happened to be the day that Tropical Storm Edouard was supposed to hit. We had plans to meet at a place that was outside so we had to switch. Brent, of course, wanted to meet at Ninfa’s. I had to break it to him early that I did not like Mexican Food. So we decided to meet at Otto’s. Brent was waiting nervously for me down in the tunnel, he was so nervous that he actually went up to the wrong girl! I was running late (as usual!) and when I made it down to the tunnels, I walked right up to him! It was love at first meeting. Brent told me later into our relationship that he knew, right away that I was the one. Ever since our first date, we have been inseparable!

Here are some pictures from one of our first dates. We went on a double date with Jolene and Lamar to an Houston Astros Game. Yes,  I use to be a blonde!

Lamar, Jolene, Me and BrentBrent and me

Till next time!!


Jessica, aka Mrs. Ripple

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