Pumpkin Carving 2014

Now that we have Little Man, I have wanted to celebrate every holiday to the fullest! So this year I wanted to start a tradition with the family where we all get together and carve pumpkins! I couldn’t tell you the last time that I actually carved a pumpkin; it has been years! We all had too much fun hanging out, eating dinner, and carving pumpkins!! I was pretty impressed with all of our carving skills!!

IMG_8508 IMG_8513 IMG_0870 IMG_8519 IMG_0875 IMG_0877 Little Man painted a pumpkin since he can’t carve one yet!

IMG_8521 IMG_8524 IMG_8526 IMG_8530Here are the finished products!

IMG_8575 IMG_8576 IMG_8577 IMG_8580 IMG_8581 IMG_8582 IMG_8585 IMG_8586 IMG_0879 IMG_8599We did a great job, right??

Until next time!